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Update WPO365 | Authorize / Connect to Microsoft Graph

Perform the following steps to authorize the plugin to send WordPress email as the user whose account you entered in the previous step.

  • Navigate to WP Admin > WPO365 > Mail.
  • Click the Authorize button to right of the Default “From” address (send mail as) input field. This will bring up a dialog. Confirm by clicking Authorize again.
  • This will redirect your browser to login.microsoftonline.com and you are asked to authenticate as the user whose account you entered in the previous step.
  • After you authenticated successfully, your browser will be redirected back to your WordPress website and eventually the plugin’s configuration page will be loaded. If you have previously registered the WordPress application successfully in Azure AD then the authorization should have been successful. 
  • If authorization was successful, you see Authorized! to the right of the Authorize button. 

Please note If you want to delete an existing authorization object, then you can simply uncheck the corresponding option e.g. Delegated permissions.

Also note You can re-authorize any time you want (but under normal circumstances there is no need to repeat the authorization because the plugin will refresh the authorization automatically using a so-called refresh token).

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