Connect WordPress and Microsoft Entra | Azure | 365

Checking prerequisites

  • Make sure that you deactivate all other WordPress plugins capable of sending WordPress emails e.g. WP Mail SMTP and Mail Integration for Office 365 / Outlook.
  • You are a Global Administrator for your company‚Äôs Microsoft 365 tenant / Azure AD directory or have at least sufficient privileges to register a new application in Azure Active Directory.
  • You are an Administrator for your WordPress website.
  • If you already registered an application (created an App registration) in Azure AD for your WordPress website (e.g. to enable Microsoft based Single Sign-on or Azure AD User synchronization), then you only need to Configure API Permissions before you continue and Send a test email.
  • Sending WordPress emails using delegated permissions is currently your best option, unless you have a requirement to send WordPress emails from more than one email address. Please refer to this guide to configure the plugin to send emails using application-level permissions.

Important info (for new Microsoft 365 subscriptions)

If you purchased your Microsoft 365 subscription less than 90 days ago, or if you are still in your trial period and have not paid for your subscription yet, then please continue reading.

Exchange Online assigns a ranking to clients that would like to send emails. Subscriptions that are less than 90 days old, have not yet a ranking that allows them to send emails outside of the own organization. Therefore administrators may experience the following behavior. After configuring the WPO365 Microsoft Graph Mailer and sending a test email to an email address outside of the own organization, the plugin reports back that the email was submitted successfully. However, in reality, that email failed to deliver.

To work-around this, administrators can contact Microsoft Support e.g. via > Show All > Support > Help & support and ask for this limitation to be lifted.


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