Tutorial TOC

Create an application / client secret

You must configure an Application (Client) Secret for the registered application. With this secret, WPO365 can request to exchange the initial Authorization Code for an ID token and / or an access token.

Perform the following steps to create an application client secret.

  • Click Certificates & Secrets from the App registration menu on the left.

  • Click + New client secret.
  • Optionally you can give the new secret a Description that helps you remember it later and choose an expiry date e.g. 6 Months.

Once a password expires, it cannot be used and the plugin will fail to retrieve ID and access tokens. Therefore you must renew this password right before it expires and update the plugin’s configuration accordingly. WPO365 can also send you a notification 30 days before a secret expires.

  • Copy the secret’s Value (not its ID) and temporarily paste it in a text file. You won’t be able to retrieve it later.

Make sure to copy the value of the secret that you just created and not the Secret ID. You wouldn’t be the first!

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