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Soft-deletion of WP users (and how to reactivate)

Perform the following steps to configure WPO365 to deal with users that have been disabled / (soft) deleted in Azure AD / Microsoft Entra ID.

Administrators that configured WPO365 User synchronization can choose from 3 options when it comes to user-deletion:

  • (default) Do nothing
  • Soft-delete the user
  • Remove the user account
Do nothing

By default, the WPO365 User synchronization action to delete users is not checked. Therefore, the WordPress counterpart for Azure AD / Microsoft Entra ID user accounts that are disabled or (soft) deleted will not be changed.

Soft-delete the user

Administrators can configure WPO365 to soft-delete user accounts in WordPress. In this case, all WordPress roles for the user account will be removed and the user will have no role whatsoever in WordPress.

Please note For as long as WPO365 | LOGIN is installed, users that have been soft-deleted (= de-activated) are not able to sign in with their local WordPress credentials and will be send to the default / custom login page instead (default error message: Access denied).

Remove the user account

Alternatively, WPO365 can delete the user account altogether and assign any content that was previously created by the user that will be deleted, to another user. The corresponding user-select control will become visible, as soon as the administrator unchecks the option to soft-delete users instead.

Re-activate a soft-deleted / de-activated users

To re-activate a user that was previously de-activated / soft-deleted, the administrator has two options. If the user has been re-activated in Azure AD / Microsoft Entra ID, the administrator can simply run WPO365 User synchronization. But before doing so, he must check the corresponding option (on the plugin’s User sync page, in the User sync section) that allows WPO365 to re-activate users that have previously been soft-deleted.

Another option is to click the Re-activate button for that specific user in the WordPress All users list. However, please keep in mind that this action may be undone by WPO365 User synchronization, in case the user is still disabled / (soft) deleted in Azure AD.

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