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Choose your user synchronization trigger

Perform the following steps to configure the trigger that starts a new instance of a WPO365 job to synchronize users from Azure AD to WordPress.

Select one of the following trigger e.g.

  • Run manually by clicking the Save + Run now button at the bottom of the job’s form.
  • External link which you can use to externally start user synchronization e.g. when you want to use an external scheduler. This is especially useful if you want to run the job more than once per day, which is not possible if you select WordPress Cron.
  • WordPress Cron which allows you to define a schedule e.g. once per day at a specific time.

Please note Since WordPress CRON jobs are not running continuously, you must either configure WPO365 user synchronization during those times that your website enjoys regular traffic or you must implement measures to ensure that it is running almost continuously. See https://docs.wpo365.com/article/135-hooking-wp-cron-into-a-task-scheduling-service for tips on how to achieve that.

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