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Configure WPO365 for user-synchronization

To configure WPO365 to synchronize users from Azure AD to WordPress, please perform the following steps.

To start synchronizing users it is important to ensure the correct configuration of the plugin. The table below summarizes all configuration options that need updating, the configuration page where an option can be found and its recommended value.

Enable user syncUser syncCheckedReplace
Pages freed from authenticationSingle Sign-on/wp-json/wpo365/v1/Add
Pages freed from authenticationSingle Sign-onwp-cron.phpAdd
Graph versionIntegrationbetaReplace
Prevent WordPress to send “email changed” emailsMiscellaneousCheckedReplace
Custom Domains
Only if you want to user synchronization to perform a domain check
User registrationSee Azure PortalAdd

Please note The correct configuration can be verified using the plugin’s built-in self-test tool. To self-test the plugin go to WP Admin > WPO365 > Plugin self-test and click to Start self-test. The self-test will provide you with an option to fix any of the issues it encountered.

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