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Sync | Entra User Provisioning (SCIM)

Take this course, if you want to configure user provisioning from Entra (AAD) to your WordPress website using the System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard. 

SCIM communicates user identity data between identity providers and service providers. Microsoft is an example of an identity provider. Your WordPress website is an example of a service provider.

To facilitate the automatic provisioning of users, WPO365 exposes a custom SCIM endpoint that enables Entra (AAD) to connect. Once connected, Entra ID (AAD) will push data concerning new, updated and (soft) deleted (assigned) users to this endpoint. WPO365 processes the incoming data and updates WordPress user profiles accordingly.

Please note Even though SCIM does also supports the (de-)provisioning of groups, the WPO365 implementation of a custom SCIM endpoint does not. Instead you can assign WordPress users to roles based on their Azure AD group memberships (see https://docs.wpo365.com/article/39-map-between-azure-ad-groups-and-wordpress-roles for details).