Tutorial TOC

Test your setup using Provision on Demand

Perform the following steps to ensure that you the integration of Entra User Provision and your WordPress website is working as expected.

  • Go to the Enterprise Application’s Overview page and click Users and groups. Make sure that you have assigned all the users and / or Entra ID (AAD) groups that should be provisioned to your website. If no users are assigned then all users will be effectively skipped by Entra ID (AAD) User provisioning.
  • To add a new user or group, click + Add user/group.
  • To select a user or group click None selected and search for the object that you want to add to this application.
  • Click Select and then Assign to update the assignments.
  • Return to the Enterprise Application’s Overview page and click Provision on Demand as shown below.
  • Select one of the assigned users and then click Provision.
  • As soon as the provisioning completes, you can see the results as depicted below.
  • Also verify in the WordPress user’s list that the user has been provisioned as expected.
  • As previously mentioned, Entra ID (AAD) will initially request the user from WordPress to verify if the user exists and, if so, whether any of their attributes have changed. This implies that if there are attribute mappings in Entra ID (AAD) not linked to WordPress user meta, WPO365 will not return those attributes when Entra ID (AAD) queries the user. As a result, Entra ID (AAD) may interpret this as a need to update those attributes. You can see this for yourself if you click Retry to retry the provisioning. 
  • The screenshot above shows that there are numerous attribute mappings in Entra ID (AAD) which are not mapped to WordPress meta, forcing Entra ID (AAD) to send updates for these attributes. Since unused mappings are causing a significant performance burden on the WordPress server, it is recommended to remove them. 
  • Once you have cleaned up all the mappings and attempt to provision the same user again, you should receive the result depicted below.

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