Tutorial TOC

Perform the WPO365 self-test

Perform the following steps to self-test the plugin.

  • Go to the plugin’s Plugin self-test page.

Please note As soon as the self-test is starting, the “Test mode” will be activated. During this time the plugin is not protecting your website. The plugin will now try and sign in using Microsoft and you may be prompted by Microsoft to sign in.

Also note Please be aware that at no time your authentication input will be shared with (y)our website and / or the plugin: All information you enter is only shared with Microsoft at all times!

The plugin has many premium features that are not enabled by default and that can only be enabled if you have purchased one of the premium extensions or bundles. The Plugin self-test will show test cases for those features as failed when no extension or bundle was found capable of enabling the features.

  • The Plugin self-test will automatically load. Click Start self-test, sign in with an Azure AD user (that optionally must have been assigned to the Enterprise application, depending on your configuration) and ensure that at least the first 3 test have been passed successfully.

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