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WP-Config.php | Configuration w/o IdP(s)

After completing this tutorial, you will have learned how you can configure WPO365 to “read” all of its configuration (but without the IdP related variables) from your website’s wp-config.php file. By default, the WPO365 configuration is saved in the database.

See this article, if you want to configure WPO365 to also “read” the (OIDC or SAML based) Single Sign-on and / or Microsoft Graph Mailer portion of its configuration from your website’s wp-config.php file. If you need to configure more than one Identity Provider, then please refer to this article.

This is an premium advanced scenario that is especially of interest for those site managers that deploy new development, test, staging and productive versions of their website using devOps workflows and need, for example – to change the mail configuration to enable WPO365’s Mail Staging mode for the website instance that is being deployed.