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Test wp-config.php based configuration

As soon as you added the named constant WPO_IDPS_x to your WordPress website’s wp-config.php file, WPO365 will automatically detect the configuration of multiple IdPs.

To validate the changes that you applied to your website’s wp-config.php, proceed as follows.

Enable your WordPress website to support multiple Identity Providers (SSO)
  • Navigate to WP Admin > WPO365.
  • Once the WPO365 configuration pages have loaded, you should see a message bar informing you, that Multiple Identity Providers defined in WP-config.php will be used instead.

Troubleshooting If the message bar is missing, then WPO365 did not detect the configuration that you added to your wp-config.php. Possibly, the array that you added is not parseable or you have defined the wrong name for the name constant.

  • Continue to the Plugin self-test, run it and analyze the result to ensure that WPO365 is working as expected.

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