Connect WordPress and Microsoft Entra | Azure | 365

Create a new rule

Perform the following steps to define a new rule to dynamically assign a WordPress role to a user, based on that user’s Azure AD group memberships.

  • Open (in a new browser tab) Microsoft Entra ID and expand the Identity menu.
  • Navigate to Groups > All groups
  • Select the group you want to create a new rule for and from the Overview page copy the group’s Object ID.
  • Navigate to the plugin’s User registration configuration page.
  • Scroll down to Azure AD Group to WP Role mappings.
  • Paste the Object ID of group on a new line and to left of it select the WordPress role that the group should map to.
  • Click + to add the mapping.
  • Click Save configuration.

Please note It is recommended to first choose your update scenario before you test your updated WPO365 configuration.

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